Viewing The File Cabinet

Users may view files added to the File Cabinet and other users' File Cabinet activity by entering the File Cabinet application. To enter the File Cabinet application, the user must:

  1. Navigate to the Applications menu and select File Cabinet.

A File Cabinet Desktop can be created onto the main screen with the following tables of user activity:

  • Most Popular Files: The 15 files viewed most often from the File Cabinet.
  • Most Recent Files Submitted: The last 15 files that have been submitted to the File Cabinet.
  • Top Contributors: The 15 users who have submitted the most files to the File Cabinet and how many files they submitted.
  • Top Readers: The 15 users who have read the most files from the File Cabinet and the amount of file they have read.
  • My Most Recent Files Submitted: The 15 most recent files you have submitted to the File Cabinet.

The number of files or users in each table may be less than 15 if 15 files or users do not exist for a category. If these tables are not on the File Cabinet Desktop screen, you have not configured your screen to display them. Edit the File Cabinet Desktop to choose which tables of user activity to display. You can edit the File Cabinet Desktop by clicking the Edit File Cabinet Desktop button in the navigation bar.

Additionally, the File Cabinet files can be searched by clicking the Search link in the navigation bar. Enter various search parameters in the Filter area in the top-right of the page, if desired, and then click the Apply or Refresh button to retrieve the results.


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