How to Close Projects

Project managers may close projects that have been completed or canceled. Once a project is closed, users will not be able to access documents, issues, plan, tasks, or any other items associated with this project. To close a project, the project manager must:

  1. Navigate to Applications > Projects / Workspaces
  2. Click the "Manage Projects" folder link in the left navigator.
  3. In the "Manage Projects" window, select the appropriate project.
  4. In the "Project Details" tab, click the "Actions" button, select "Close".
  5. Add files from the project to File Cabinet as necessary. This allows users to still access those files after the project is closed.
  6. Choose whether or not to close any incomplete tasks or issues. If you choose not to close issues and tasks, these issues and tasks will still be open even though the project is closed. 
  7. Choose whether or not to leave the project active.
  8. Select a new project status. Statuses are customizable, but the defaults are as followed:
    Completed: Met Expectations
    Completed: Exceeded Expectations
    Completed: Did Not Meet Expectations
  9. Enter a comment on the project status.
  10. Click the "Close Project" button.

Note: The project's end date will be changed to the day you close that project. If the end date needs to be changed for reporting purposes, please contact the system administrator.

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