Configure/Edit a Document Workflow

Before a document workflow can be applied to a briefcase file, the project manager needs to assign the appropriate resource(s) for approval at each step of the workflow and then activate it. In addition, the project manager needs to determine what happens upon completion of the final step of the workflow. To to configure the workflow, the project manager must:

  1. Navigate to Applications > Projects/Workspaces.
  2. Click the Manage Projects/Workspaces folder link in the left navigator.
  3. In the Manage Projects/Workspaces window, select the appropriate project.
  4. Click on the Workflows tab.
  5. Click the name of the workflow you wish to configure.
  6. Each step is listed with an Edit link - click on the Edit link for the step you wish to edit
  7. Select the project member(s) who will approve at the step of the workflow.
  8. Choose which approval condition will be used in each step in the Approve Condition dropdown. All means that all approvers must approve the step before the workflow will proceed. Any means that an approval by any of the listed approvers will advance the workflow.
  9. Click on the Save link.
  10. Repeat for each step in the work flow until complete.
  11. Once the work flow completes its final stage, there are two options for completion actions. The project manager can select for the file to be emailed to one or more people by entering email addresses (comma separated) in the space provided, and/or to be locked in the briefcase by placing a check in the Locked checkbox. A Locked file can never be edited, put through a document workflow, checked out or deleted.
  12. Once all configurations are complete, click the Save button.

At this point the document workflow has been configured on the project but will still need to be activated before it can be used on files in the briefcase. See the related article for how to activate document workflows for more information on that topic.


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