Time By Time Type Report


This report displays all the time entries for a specified date range. The report is driven by any time reported for the date range specified in the report criteria. Time does not need to be approved or submitted to be included in this report, only entered.

The table will display the person, time type, account, project name, time entry date, time entry status, the amount of hours, the non-billable amount, the billable amount, and the total bill amount for each time entry in the specified date range, broken down by time type. Person name links will be links to that person's user profile.

This report is reached from the Amount drill down for time items in the Finance T&E Report.


  • Bill Amount = (Billable Hours) x (Person's Bill Rate -> as specified in the person's user profile)
  • Total Amount = (Billable Amount) + (Non-Billable Amount)


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