Blackout Windows and Maintenance Windows [Video]

This video will help users to understand how to use and configure Blackout and Maintenance Windows using the TDNext interface. The user must have the Assets application in TDNext.


Blackout windows are meant to represent environment-wide ranges of time where changes should not be made. An example is a holiday blackout window with several entries inside to represent the holidays in which changes are not to be made.

Maintenance windows define the period during which maintenance activities can be scheduled for a configuration item (CI). If this is not specified, there will be no restrictions placed on when maintenance can be performed on the CI.

When someone from the change advisory board (CAB) tries to schedule a maintenance activity on a change ticket, the Maintenance Activity screen will pull in any relevant blackout windows that have been created for your environment, as well as any maintenance windows that are associated with the Assets/CIs on the ticket.

By the end of this video, you will be able to create and manage blackout windows and maintenance windows, apply them to assets and configuration items (CIs), view them on the ticket calendar and use them during the change process to help schedule changes.

Duration 8 minutes. The entire presentation is content delivery.

Presented by Andrew Graf from TeamDynamix




  • Asset Attributes
    • Maintenance windows – Applied to specific assets and CIs.
    • Blackout windows – Applied to all assets and CIs (think the start of a semester or exam week).
  • Assignment to assets and CIs
  • Calendar view
  • Change scheduling


Please note that the video refers to Maintenance Schedules which have been renamed to Maintenance Windows to conform with standard terminology from the informational technology infrastructure library (ITIL). 

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