How Do I Configure a Default Desktop for New Client Users?

When new users enter the TeamDynamix Client Portal through the self-registration process, administrators have an option to automatically apply a default desktop to their account through the use of the self-registration profile. This article assumes your organization is utilizing self-registration in your Client Portal. For more information on self-registration, click here.

Using the Desktop dropdown at the very bottom of the Self-Registration Profile settings in Admin > Organization Settings > Self-Registration > [Profile], you can specify which desktop you have configured in Admin > Desktop Templates > Desktop Templates will be applied to a new user being created through self-registration in the Client Portal. This will apply the desktop as the default for new users visiting the Client Portal.

Note: If a Client Portal Home page via HTML modules is created but Desktops are applied to TDClient users (or enabled for Clients to create their own Desktop), the Home page will not be viewed. It is recommended that if a default Home page is active and you do not want your Client Portal users customizing their desktops after logging in, be sure to choose Do not allow users to customize this page when this is the default. option in the page Details tab and click Save. For Client Portal users who already have customized their desktop, you will need to go through their user profiles one-by-one (Users & Roles > Users), go to the Desktops tab and delete any Client Portal desktops shown there.


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