How to create a Card Wall on a Project Template

Creating a Card Wall on a Project Template

To create Card Walls on a Project Template, one must have access to the TDNext Project Templates application. This article will assume that you do have that access.

First, a project template must be selected in the TDNext Project Templates application, and it must have the Plans section active.

  1. Select the project template in question from the left hand navigation menu. All available sections for that template will appear expanded below the name of the template.
  2. Click on Plans.
  3. Choose to create a new plan with the +New button.
  4. Here you can choose to create a Card Wall plan and name and describe it. Save when you are finished.
  5. Choose to View the template you just created. Add as many cards and lists as are needed. As soon as you are done, that tab or window can be closed. Everything saves automatically
  6. If needed, you can always open that plan up again and edit or add to it. Additional Card Walls can be added too.

When configuring a project, if this project template is applied to it, that pre-configured plan (or plans, depending on how many you added to the template) would also be applied to the project.


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