Capacity Scheduling on Workspaces

Workspaces can now be used to estimate and measure unplanned work. Previously, the projects system was used to track this information, but it presented challenges in administration, and also did not account for unplanned work when tracked with the Tickets application. Using a workspace to track unplanned work drastically changes the way our customers manage this process.

Workspaces allow bulk operations for managing Members. Multiple resources can be added at once:

Resources can be scheduled on workspaces in bulk:

Note that "Percent of Resource's Capacity" can be used to allocate resources by a percentage of their total capacity, rather than defining a certain number of hours (although allocation by hours is still possible).

Resources may then track their time on Workspaces. Workspaces conveniently appear on each resource's time card for easy time entry.

Ticket time can also be classified as time on a workspace also. If a particular set of ticket types should be classified as "Operations/Admin" work, for example, those Ticket Types can be associated with a workspace. Time entered on tickets of those types will be automatically counted toward the actual hours entered on the workspace for the purposes of reporting. This allows resource managers to get a full picture of where time is being spent, even if it is unplanned.

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