What is the File Cabinet? How do I add files to it?

The File Cabinet is a separate application which can be used in conjunction with the Projects or Workspaces applications. Project or Workspace briefcase files can be added to the File Cabinet from file detail pages. Once added to the File Cabinet, files can be viewed even after projects and workspaces are deactivated and/or closed. Additionally, the File Cabinet is cross-project, so anyone with access to the File Cabinet can view all files that have been added, regardless of whether they're assigned to a given project or not.

Files can only be added to the File Cabinet through a project or workspace briefcase. This means that they cannot be added directly to the File Cabinet, they must be in a project briefcase first. Also, the user adding the file to the File Cabinet must have full TDNext permissions in order to add or delete a file to/from a File Cabinet.

To add a project or workspace briefcase file to the File Cabinet, the user must have both the File Cabinet and Projects/Workspaces applications. If these requirements are met, an additional action will be available when viewing a project or workspace briefcase file's details in TDNext called Add to File Cabinet.

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