Preparing to build a TeamDynamix web service method

Scenario You want to use TeamDynamix's web API as part of your ticketing web services.
You Need
  • TeamDynamix administrator account
This article will help you create
  • Web Service Provider
  • Web Service Auth Account
  1. Go to TDAdmin > Users & Roles > Users
  2. Create a user record for your web services
    1. Username:
    2. Security role: Choose an enterprise security role
    3. Password: Make a note of the password you use
    4. First name: Webby the
    5. Last name: Web Service User
    6. Email: Set to an email address, such as your email address
    7. Alert Email: Same as email
  3. Grant this user access to your ticketing application: go to the user record, to "Applications," and select the ticketing application
  4. Go to TDAdmin > Applications > [Your ticketing application]
  5. Go to "Web Service Providers"
  6. Click "New"
  7. Create a web service provider:
    1. Name: "TeamDynamix"
    2. Base Web Service Provider URL: "https://[Your TeamDynamix URL]/TDWebApi/api/"
    3. Active: Check
    4. Click save
  8. Go to "Web Service Auth Accounts"
  9. Click "New"
  10. Create a web service auth account:
    1. Name: "Webby the Web Service User"
    2. Account Type: TeamDynamix Web API
    3. Click save
  11. Click "edit" now that you have created the web service auth account:
    1. Active: check
    2. TeamDynamix Web API URL: "https://[Your TeamDynamix URL]/SBTDWebApi/" (for the sandbox) or "https://[Your TeamDynamix URL]/TDWebApi/" (for production)
    3. Username: set to the username of the user you created above
    4. Password: set to the password of the TeamDynamix user you created above

You now have a TeamDynamix web service provider plus an auth account that you can use to create a TeamDynamix web service method.

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