Deciding if Knowledge-Centered Support is a Good Choice for You [Video]

This video will help administrators and managers who are looking to build or update a knowledge-centered support (KCS) practice for their knowledge base. To perform most of the steps shown a user must have permission to create new applications in TDAdmin and a user must at minimum have the permission for Add Articles on their security role and have TDNext access to add articles to their knowledge base.


This video provides an overview of knowledge-centered support, and initial steps and resources for starting a knowledge base.

Duration 20 min presentation, 20 min Q&A

Presented by Charles Plemons and Kaliegh Belda from Western Kentucky University’s IT Helpdesk team



  • About Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS)
  • Overview of how WKU has integrated KCS into their work
  • A walk through of WKU’s live knowledge base
  • Describe how they’ve adopted KCS maintenance practices
  • Q&A
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