Overview of Self Service using TeamDynamix


Although the Client Portal allows for richer client interaction, it also enables users to provide troubleshooting resources for problems frequently encountered by clients. This may reduce the amount of work items that service desk technicians process, as clients are able to answer more of their own questions. In addition, it allows people who have not yet used TeamDynamix to register for their own profile via the Client Portal.

In the Questions application, clients are able to start public discussions about troubleshooting issues and best practices when using the TeamDynamix application suite. On the other hand, the Knowledge Base application contains articles which can be used to document commonly encountered issues and how to perform certain actions when using TDX.

Both cases enable users to look up answers to their questions before submitting a service request and interacting with a technician. In addition, these applications support a hierarchical permission structure which ensures that sensitive information is only seen by intended users.

The other large component of the Client Portal is the ability for clients to self-register for a new TDX account. Administrators can configure this for their organization by locating Client Portal > Self-Registration in the Admin tool. This page lists all of the LDAP/SSO registration profiles which have been configured for the organization. Each of these profiles can be reordered by dragging and dropping into the appropriate spot in the list.

When the user attempts to login for the first time, the system will attempt each active registration profile in the order in which they are configured. As a profile is attempting to register, the associated LDAP record will be retrieved. If this email matches an existing TeamDynamix customer record, then that customer will be promoted to a user. Otherwise, a new TDX user will be created from the LDAP information and the user template that is configured on the registration profile.


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