Commitment to Accessibility (508 Compliance)

At TeamDynamix we work exclusively with Higher Ed institutions.  As such, we understand that websites must be compliant with Section 508 in order to appropriately serve your school, the students, parents, faculty and staff.  It is essential that the site also takes into account basic usability standards beyond Section 508.  It should be well-designed, clearly organized, and easy for all users to navigate. Key adaptations such as descriptive links, alternatives to multimedia, and other elements are helpful to any visitor and are required for 508.

We provide a universal service management platform that can be deployed across campus allowing schools to service students from a central portal.  This includes IT as well as facilities, admissions, residential life, HR and more.  From this portal, users can do things like request an admissions packet, enter a support ticket, report a building repair issue, or reserve a specific asset.  Schools that put forward a comprehensive and truly compliant website will stand apart from the others as it provides equal access - sending the message that each student is important.

Also, it is important to remember, your institution’s website isn’t just for students; it must also serve the needs of parents and family members. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that 19% of Americans have a disability. This means that web navigation extends beyond the student.  Parents or family members who cannot navigate your website without assistance will become frustrated and gain a negative view of the school.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, 26% of postsecondary institutions have websites that only follow accessibility guidelines to a minor extent or not at all. These schools are missing an opportunity to reach students and families with disabilities. They are also risking an inferior user experience, and in some states hefty fines. 

Our Solution

The TeamDynamix client portal is Section 508-friendly giving users a simple portal for quick and easy self-service. From finding the latest news, to asking for help through the service catalog, to getting answers in the knowledge base, the Client Portal saves campus users time and effort. Of note: there is no programming, there is no scripting–all we need to understand is your vision for your campus–and we can help you build it out.  You can easily maintain the site without using technical resources as it is highly configurable and based on widgets.  However, for schools that opt to have additional support, TeamDynamix can provide ongoing support via our managed services offering. 


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