How can a Technician enter an incident from the Service Catalog in TeamDynamix?

To enter a ticket via the TeamDynamix Service Catalog, you must first create a new service. To do so, click on the "Services" link at the top of the Client Portal, and then select the "New Service" button to the right of the page. From here, the process will be very similar to creating other services or KB articles. The important distinction, however, is in the configuration of the "Request Application/Type" field. This corresponds to the ticketing application and ticket type the tickets created from the service will correspond to. Just choose the ticketing application and type that you wish to create tickets for, fill out the remaining fields, and press the "Save" button. A service will then be created with all of the form fields associated with that ticket type. Simply click the "Request Service" button, fill out the form fields, submit the form, and a standard TeamDynamix ticket will be created.

If you wish to customize the entry form, edit the Service and go to the Form tab to add or edit the form for this service.


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