Welcome Remarks & Keynote

TDX CONVERGE 2023 General Session - Welcome Remarks & Keynote
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Lucia Marchese, CMO, TeamDynamix | Ken Benvenuto, CEO, TeamDynamix | Dr. Tapiwa Chiwewe - Keynote Speaker

Session Description:

Welcome Remarks from TeamDynamix followed by Keynote: Dr Tapiwa Chiwewe - AI in the Workplace

Dr Tapiwa Chiwewe is a distinguished professional and thought leader. Tapiwa has over 15 years’ experience in the information technology industry. He was previously at IBM where he served as Co-Lead of IBM’s Global Technology Outlook, Program Director for Ecosystems, Senior Manager at the Africa Lab, and leader of the Advanced and Applied Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) group. Drawing on his wealth of experience from academia, industry, and research, Tapiwa received IBM’s Outstanding Technical Accomplishment Award. Prior to IBM he was a Senior Engineer at the CSIR in the Mechatronics and Micromanufacturing group, and before that was a full-stack Software Developer and Computer Engineer creating commercial products that were shipped all over the world. Tapiwa is a TED Speaker and international keynote speaker. He has authored over fifteen articles and delivered over forty invited talks. His work has been featured by BBC, CNN, IEEE Spectrum, and Popular Mechanics, among others.


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