How can a Technician enter an incident from the Assets application in TeamDynamix?

This article will focus on the ability to create tickets that are directly associated to assets in TeamDynamix.

First, open the Assets application and locate the asset that you would like to create the ticket for. At the top of the asset detail page, you will see some tabs that outline different functions for that asset. For our purposes, we'll choose the "Tickets" tab.

From here, you should see options for creating a new ticket and adding a ticket. We will first walk through the process of associating an existing ticket to the asset.

Adding an Existing Ticket to an Asset

Click the "+ Add Ticket" button. You will then see a popup that prompts you to select a ticket. Simply locate the desired ticket and click on its title. Once you have done that, you will see that ticket added to the list of tickets associated with the asset.

Creating a New Asset Ticket

The process for creating a new asset ticket is very similar. Rather than clicking the "+ Add Ticket" button, click "+ New Ticket". You will then see a popup window prompting you to choose a ticketing application. This will be the ticketing application in which your new ticket is associated with. After choosing the ticketing application, the remainder of the process is the same as creating a standard ticket. The important detail here is that "Assets/CIs" field has been pre-populated with the current asset we are viewing. After filling out all of the required fields and pressing save, you will see that the ticket has now been associated with our current asset.


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