What are the requirements to add a resource to a project?

General Rules

All of the following conditions must be true to add a resource to a project:

  1. The user must be of type "User" or "Resource Placeholder" and not of type "Customer."
  2. The user must be active.
  3. The user must have a primary functional role.
  4. The user must have *either* the Projects/Workspaces application or the Client Portal permission "View Projects/Workspaces".
  5. The user must not already be on the project.
  6. If the user has capacity start and/or end dates specified in their user profile (in TDAdmin), the project's dates must be within the specified capacity dates.

Additionally, the user may belong to a resource pool which requires resource pool manager approval to add resources to projects. If this is the case, any attempt to add this resource to a project from within TDNext will result in a resource request. These requests must be approved to add the resource to the project(s). If a resource pool manager approval is in play, the resource will be listed on the project with a status of Pending until the request is evaulated by the resource pool manager. 

One thing to note is that most resource lookup pages default to showing users marked as Employees only. If you don't see the resource you are looking for, try changing the Employee | Non-Employee | Both filter settings and searching again. There is also the "Include users whose capacity is not managed" filter that will filter out users who are not marked to have their capacity managed. Check this filter if you are looking for such a user.

TDAdmin bypasses the resource request process.

When Converting a Project Request to a Project

When a project request which has role forecasts is being staffed and converted to a project through the Portfolio Planning application, an additional rule will be applied. That rule is that the users selected to fill the role forecasts on the request must have the TDNext application. Effectively this means that Client Portal-only users cannot be selected to staff a request being converted to a project. This is to ensure that whichever user is selected as the project manager will have the proper TDNext access to manage the project. Client Portal users must be added to the project after staffing and conversion.

As of version 10, this rule still applies.

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