Project Attributes

Who can add custom project attributes

The ability to add custom attributes is governed by whether a user is a global TeamDynamix Admin. If this is the case, all custom attributes will become an option to add via Admin > Projects/Workspaces > Project Attributes. Ticketing attributes are only able to be added via Admin > Ticketing Applications > [Ticketing Application] > Attributes by a ticketing application admin.

How to add custom project attributes

  1. In order to add a custom project attribute, go to Admin > Projects / Workspaces > Project Attributes.
  2. Click the +New button
  3. Fill out the new attribute form with appropriate information including name, attribute type, any applicable choices associated with the attribute type, and the project type this attribute will appear for.  Pro tip - if you don't designate a specific project type then the attribute will show up on all project requests.
  4. Click the Save button
  5. Your new attribute will appear in the list

These steps can be repeated to create as many attributes as needed.

For further information on custom attributes in general, see the related article about Getting Started with TeamDynamix Custom Attributes.

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