How to Add Contacts/People to Tickets

It is actually quite simple to add an additional contact, or people, to a ticket.

  1. Open a ticket in TDNext
  2. Click on the People tab at the top of the ticket
  3. Select users by either typing into the line below Contacts or click the magnifying glass at the right side of that line to open a search page. Desired contacts can be searched for and then selected by checking the boxes next to their names. Click the Insert Checked button in the popup window to finish selecting the contacts.
  4. Once all contacts/persons are chosen, click the Add button.

You will then be able to go back to the General tab and notify any of those people via either a Comment, or a ticket Update. Note that only individual people can be added to this area, groups will not be able to be added. Notifying a ticket contact in a communication will use the Requestor versions of a notification template (if you have custom ticket notification templates enabled).


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