Important Dates for the Sandbox Refresh Cycle

This informational article will help TeamDynamix users to understand when sandbox data will be overwritten. This applies to both multi-tenant and Private Cloud SaaS users, but not on-premise users.

At the beginning of each quarter, the multi-tenant Sandbox environment is "refreshed", meaning that the content of the sandbox is wiped out and replaced with a copy of the production environment. It is important to note that any changes made within the Sandbox will be overwritten during this refresh. Again, this will only impact the multi-tenant Sandbox environments. For more information, see our overview of the TeamDynamix environments.

The sandbox refresh date depends on your country:

  • United States - first business Monday of the quarter
  • Canada - first business Tuesday of the quarter following the US refresh

Below is the list of the next four sandbox refreshes for US and Canadian environments:

  United States Canada
Summer 2021 July 12 July 13
Fall 2021 October 4 October 5
Winter 2022 January 10 January 11
Spring 2022 April 4 April 5



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