Can I restrict visibility of tickets with a specific type to one or more groups?

At present there is no way to limit the visibility of items associated with a particular ticket type. Individuals in the Tickets application have access to all of an organization's tickets. The only visibility restrictions are present in the Requests application in both TDNext and TDClient.

If an individual belongs to a security role with the "View all requests belonging to assigned accts/depts" permission, they will be able to see not only tickets that list them as the creator and/or requestor, but also tickets with an account/department that matches one that they have been explicitly granted access to.

Furthermore, with the 10.1 release, several new visibility settings were added for the Client Portal which can be controlled at the ticketing application level. These are documented in the Managing Ticket Visibility in the Client Portal article in the Related Articles section. Review these in addition to this article as some allow for more fine-grained control of the previously mentioned "View all requests belonging to assigned accts/depts" permission.


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