What is preserved when editing and applying project plans?

Applying Project Template Plans

Project plans will not carry over any custom column names (Fields 1-10), column visibility or column ordering from template plans in the Project Templates application. Applying a plan from the Project Templates app simply builds out the task plan itself as specified from the template. This holds true regardless of when a project template plan is applied.

Column Visibility and Ordering in Project Plans

The ordering and visibility of column headers in the Projects application is preserved on a per project, per computer basis. Effectively this means that the settings are user-specific (assuming that one user normally uses the same machine) and can be unique for each project that the user is on. They cannot be unique for a user per project and per plan. Nor can these sorts of customizations be applied to all users at the global, project or plan level.

Custom Column Names

When using the Web Plan Manager in the Projects application, Fields 1 - 10 are preserved for plans within the same project. This setting, while project-specific, does apply to all resources on the project. As a final thought, only Fields 1 - 10 can have their names customized. All other column names are not customizable.


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