Changing the Classification of a Ticket

Users with the security role permission The user will be able to change a ticket's classification can change a ticket's classification to any available classification for that application. For instance, you might need to change an Incident to a Problem or a Change to a Release. Note that this permission can be assigned per ticketing application. To double check that a user has this permission, an admin will need to go to Admin > Ticketing Applications > [choose your application from the list] > Users & Roles > Security Roles > [select correct role]. The permission is under the Ticket heading.

To change the classification of a ticket, a user will need to:

  1. Open the desired ticket.
  2. Click on the Actions button.
  3. Choose the Edit Classification option.
  4. Select the desired classification from the New Classification drop down menu, then click the Save button.

Be sure to check the classification warning message posted at the bottom of the Edit Classification window to see what may be impacted by a classification change.

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