How to Create/Submit Knowledge Base Articles for Review

Writing a Knowledge Base Article

In order to be able to write a Knowledge Base article, a you must first have the security role permission to "Add Articles" activated and have TDNext access. That is the minimum requirement both for creating and submitting an article for review. As long as that permission is active for the your security role, you will have a button on all main Knowledge Base pages that says "+ New Article". Just select that button to begin your writing experience.

Once the New Article page is up you will have the options to select a Category (if necessary), enter the Subject, Body, and Summary of the article, then add tags and select whether to be notified on feedback. Just write your article, select any options and tags as necessary, and hit Save.

As an additional note, if you also have the permission to "Review all articles", you will be able to select the Status of the article to choose whether it will be created as Submitted, Not Submitted, Approved, or Rejected. This article is working from the assumption that you do not have that permission.

Submitting for Review

After your article is saved, you will be brought to a normal article page that will display like any other Knowledge Base article page. This lets you review the article you just wrote. Along the right hand side of the page is a Details section that gives the article ID, submission status, information on whether it is Published or Public, the Owner, and the Created and last Modified dates.

Above this Details section you will see a button to "Edit Article" in case changes need to be made again before submitting. Also, there will be a "Submit Article" button. Be sure that all article changes have been made before you press that submit button, because once it is submitted, a user without the "Always Edit Articles" permission cannot edit the article again unless the reviewer rejects and send it back to them. Just being the owner/creator of an article does not inherently give a user the ability to edit their articles. So keep that in mind when writing and revising your article before it is submitted.

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