As an admin, how do I view tasks / project plans for projects I am not a member of or which are closed/deactivated?

In general, the system will only give the user access to projects they are a member of through the Projects/Workspaces application.

However, users with an Enterprise license (giving them access to the Analysis application) can get an "admin" view any project plan in the system, regardless of closed or active status, in the Analysis application.

To do this:

  1. Sign into TeamDynamix.
  2. In TDNext, navigate to Applications -> Analysis.
  3. Use the Active Projects Search or a project report to find the desired project. You may have to choose to include Closed or Inactive projects in the filter options.
  4. Click the project name link.
  5. In the project explorer window, click the Plans tab. This may also display as Iterations.
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