Installing and Configuring the Slack integration

This article describes how to install and configure the Slack integration for TeamDynamix. Instructions for how to install Slack may change without notice from TeamDynamix. 

Installing the TDX Slack integration

Follow these steps in order to install the TeamDynamix integration in Slack:

  1. Set up the integration in TDAdmin.
    1. In TeamDynamix, navigate to TDAdmin > Security and enable Key-based Web Services if it's not already enabled.
    2. Navigate to TDAdmin > Organization Settings > Integrations and click +New.
    3. Set the following values: 
      1. Integration Type: Slack
      2. Name: provide a name for the Slack environment. TeamDynamix can connect to multiple Slack environments by setting up multiple Integrations records. 
      3. Description: optionally provide a description
      4. Is Active: checked
    4. Save. 
  2. Add the integration to Slack
    1. From the detail page of the Integration record added above, click Add to Slack.
    2. On the Slack verification page that displays, click Allow. 
      Screenshot of required permissions in Slack

The Slack integration is now configured and should be automatically registered. After these steps are completed successfully, the Status command (see below) should indicate that the Integration State for the Organization is "Registered" and the Integration State for the user is "Not Registered". Follow the instructions in the Using TeamDynamix with Slack article to register your user for the first time. 

Troubleshooting the TDX Slack Integration

Once the TDX app is installed in Slack, you can use the Status and Help commands in order to get the details of the integration's status. 

/tdx status will provide information about whether the integration has been set up with TeamDynamix: 

/tdx help will provide basic information about the integration and a link to the TDX knowledge base help article. 


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