Adding Issues to Implementation Projects

In the Accessing TDX Community, the TDX Client Portal, and Implementation Projects KB article, you can see how to request access and navigate to your implementation project.

Once you’ve been added and can navigate to your project, you’ll be able to access several project components, specifically the Issues register. Here you can use the +New button to log any snags, roadblocks, or questions you have during implementation. A couple things about the Issues register:

  • Please make sure that you check the “Notify the project manager of this Issue” box. This ensures that your TeamDynamix consultant will know that you've logged an issue.
  • Please be aware that any questions you have should be logged as issues, and this is the best way to get a quick response from TeamDynamix.
    • If you email consultants directly, they'll be slower to respond, and they will end up copying the email into an issue anyway. Issues are a lot harder to lose than emails, and they make for a great way to collaborate and share information with everyone on the project, including your colleagues and the TeamDynamix Professional Services Team.
    • This also helps when your consultant is out of the office. Other consultants can monitor the issues register much more effectively than someone's inbox to make sure you are getting assistance.
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