Using TeamDynamix with Slack


This article describes how to use the TDX Slack integration as an end user. The TDX integration can be accessed in Slack as a slash command, by typing /tdx. This will bring up a help window which shows the usable commands. The first time that you use the TDX integration, it will ask you to sign in to TeamDynamix. You will see a Sign in button, which takes you to your browser to sign in to TeamDynamix. Once you sign in, you can close the browser page. 

Searching TeamDynamix

You can search TeamDynamix using the /tdx search slash command. This will open the Search TeamDynamix dialog. From here, you can search for any of the following work items: 

  • Tickets
  • Assets
  • Configuration Items (CIs)
  • Articles
  • Services
  • Projects
  • Issues
  • Risks 
  • Project Tasks

All of these searches will be done based on your user permissions in TDX, and will be filtered to show the most relevant types of items (e.g. tickets are filtered based on Status Class to only show New, In Process and On Hold tickets, but exclude Cancelled and Closed tickets). For users with multiple applications, the integration will search across all that you have access to. 

Screenshot of Slack integration search results

Once you find a work item that you want to discuss, click Post to Channel to send a message with it to the channel. 

Screenshot of a TDX card in Slack

Within the card, you can click on the Open in TeamDynamix button or linked details such as the Requestor or Location to view the details of the item in TeamDynamix. You can also click on the Comment button on most cards to add a comment directly to that item's Feed. Commenting in this way will record your comments in the Feed but it will not let you notify others--to notify people or perform a full update, use the Open in TeamDynamix button to view the full details in TeamDynamix. 

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