Teams Integration FAQ

This article includes frequently asked questions about the TDX integration for Microsoft Teams. 

Who can use the TDX integration for Teams?

The TDX integration for Teams is intended for TeamDynamix TDNext users. Its searches happen within the context of the user who is logged in, and require you to have access as a technician, student tech, etc.. 

How does Teams communicate with TDX? 

When you first set up the integration between Teams and TDX, you provide each system with the information about how to communicate between systems. When a user interacts with the TDX messaging extension, Teams will redirect them to TDX when they initially log in (and TDX may then redirect them to your single sign on provider). After that, their account is linked, and any further communications happen through the Microsoft Bot Framework Service. This service will communicate directly with the TDX Bot App, which then interacts with your instance of TeamDynamix. 

Who can see the TDX app in Teams? 

Once you have installed the TDX app, all Teams users will be able to see it within the apps list. However, the pinned search icon will not display until each user chooses to pin it. The TDX app uses each user's permissions within TeamDynamix, and so users without access to TDNext won't be able to use the integration. 

When I post a TDX card in a channel or chat, who can see it? 

When you post a work item card in a team channel or chat, everyone in that channel can see the card as part of your message. The links on the card will take the user to their browser, where they'll be able to access the item only if they have access in TeamDynamix. Similarly, the comment button will check to see if they are able to post a comment so that users can't comment on things they don't have access to. 

Can I copy/paste a TDX card from Teams? 

When you generate a work item card in a Teams conversation, the card options menu allows you to Copy the card. If you paste that into another Teams conversation, it will include the same card details. If you paste it outside of Teams, it will paste the URL for the card, allowing you to open it in Teams.

How is the Teams integration updated?

Most updates to the Teams integration will happen automatically with the regular SaaS upgrade and maintenance release process. However, if we add new features that require new UI within Teams, you will need to repeat the process of installing the app into your Teams environment

Can I use the Teams Integration with my Sandbox environment? 

The Teams integration is only available in the Production environment. This is because each Office 365 environment can only connect to one TeamDynamix environment, and it needs to connect to Production in order to provide relevant results. 

Can I use the Teams Integration in one Office 365 tenant with multiple TeamDynamix environments? 

Teams can only talk to one TeamDynamix environment at once, and so if you have multiple separate TeamDynamix environments, you will need to choose which one to connect to your Teams environment. 

What if I follow all the steps to set this up and the status command says the integration is still not registered/connected to TDX?

If a TDX admin does not generate a web services key, the BE ID/key cannot be passed to Teams, and the integration cannot function. 

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