Suggested Permissions for Knowledge Centered Service roles

This article describes the roles suggested by the Knowledge Centered Service (KCS) methodology and which KB-related security permissions would typically be assigned to these roles. 

KCS recommends the following roles: 

  • KCS 1 - Candidate: A KCS Candidate can create articles, modify their own articles, and can view all articles unless they're protected with group permissions. These users will not be able to publish draft articles.
  • KCS 2 - Contributor: A KCS Contributor can create published articles and publish Candidates’ articles but cannot typically edit articles that are publicly visible.
  • KCS 3 - Publisher: A KCS Publisher can create public articles, edit public articles, archive articles, and help structure how the knowledge base is used.

What about KCS Coaches and Knowledge Domain Experts (KDEs)?  These roles typically use the Publisher role and would not require additional security permissions.

The following table indicates which roles would have which KB permissions. KB permissions are assigned in a client portal application security role. 

Permission KCS 1 - Candidate KCS 2 - Contributor KCS 3 - Publisher Notes
Add Articles Yes Yes Yes All KCS users should be able to add articles. Candidates' and Contributors' articles will be reviewed by a Publisher.
Address Feedback No Yes Yes  
Always Edit Articles No Yes Yes Yes or No may be considered for Contributor.  KCS promotes trust and typically, Contributors should be able to edit any articles that are internally published.  Public and external facing articles should be only have updates committed by publishers.  When setting this to "Yes", Contributors should be aware they should not commit changes to externally facing articles but rather edit only as draft.  Publishers would then apply the update.
Delete Article Feedback No No Yes  
Delete Articles No No Yes  
Edit Archived Articles No No Yes  
Edit Owned Articles Yes Yes Yes All KCS users should be able to edit their own articles, changing article settings and attributes and creating draft revisions. 
Modify Article Templates No No Yes  
Modify Categories No No Yes  
Modify Shortcuts No No Yes  
Publish Articles No No Yes This permission lets the user determine which articles are published to the KB. Per KCS practices, Contributors may be set to "Yes", but they should be aware they should only publish internal articles.  External facing and public articles should only be published by Publishers.  Since unpublished internal KB articles can seen and used by internal users, it may not be necessary to publish internal articles and one could argue to keep this to "No".
Review and Approve Drafts No Yes Yes KCS Contributors are trusted with the ability to review drafts from Candidates and approve their contents, and also the ability to revise a published article directly. 
Review Articles No Yes Yes  
View All Articles Yes Yes Yes All knowledge workers need to see all articles to know if there could already be a work in progress before creating a duplicate article.
View Articles Regardless of Status Yes Yes Yes With this permission, KCS Candidates can view articles in any status, but they still cannot see articles that are protected by group security permissions. Users with more permission can still see all articles. 
Users with View All Articles do not need this permission. 
View Knowledge Base Yes Yes Yes  
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