Moving Tickets to other Ticketing Applications


As technicians work on tickets, there might be a need to move tickets from one ticketing application to another ticket application. In order to demonstrate this action, please view the necessary setup as well as action steps to perform a move of tickets.

Security Roles & Application Access

In order for a Technician to move tickets from one ticketing application to another application, following prerequisites must be in place by your system administrator. 

  • Application Access
    • A User must have application access to both or multiple applications as a Technician
  • Security Roles
    • TDAdmin > Applications > Ticketing Application > Security Roles > Select " The user will be able to move tickets to other ticketing applications" 

How to move tickets as a Technician?

  • In TDNext within your ticketing application > select ticket > select Actions > Move To Application > select a destination ticketing app > select ticketing form > select to add any additional or required attributes below > select "Move".
  • Please note that following data will be permanently lost
    • Ticket tasks and maintenance activities
    • Any relationships with parent/child tickets
    • Current custom attributes data (preserved in feed)
    • The current service level agreement
    • Ticket alerts
    • Associated survey requests/responses
    • Integration session data
  • Following items will be preserved when moving the ticket
    • Time and expense transactions
    • Feed entries
    • Contacts
    • Attachments
    • Associated Assets/CIs
    • Read-by information
  • Please note that once you move a ticket you can no longer undo the actions to move the ticket back.


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