For questions related to setting up and managing the TeamDynamix client portal.

Articles (14)

Client License Interactions on TDClient

This document outlines the ways that Client Portal supports interaction with TDNext users.

Client Portal Overview

This document outlines the purpose of the Client Portal, as well as some of the basic capabilities.

Client Portal Shortcuts

Client Portal Shortcuts allow administrators to link one part of the service catalog or knowledge base by adding a “Shortcut” item in a category.

Custom Client Portal Content

This document outlines the ways in which the Client Portal can be configured to have custom content and styling.

Enabling a Public Home Page in a Client Portal

Explains how to enable a public home page with desktop content for the Client Portal for public users.

How to make mark up links and anchors to other sections of the same page in the Client Portal

A how-to guide for making links and anchors to other sections of the same page in the Client Portal. This also provides tips on how to ensure that the content will not be hidden by the header bar when scrolled to.

How to Remove the Underline from Hyperlinks in Custom Content

As of version TeamDynamix 10.0, hyperlinks in the Client Portal are now underlined to make it clear to people who suffer from colorblindness that a link is present. This article outlines how the hyperlink underline styling is applied and what you can do to remove it within your custom content.

Overview of Self Service using TeamDynamix

This document outlines the self service capabilities of the Client Portal.

Rich Content Editor HTML Allowed Content List

There are several places in the TeamDynamix software which allow the entry of rich HTML content (usually via a CKEditor control). This article serves to document which items are allowed for usage and notable exceptions.

Self-Registration: What is it and How Do I Use it?

A short walk-through of Self-Registration and how it is used and configured.

Submitting a ticket from the client portal

This article will provide a high level overview of how someone can enter a request via the client portal