This category contains knowledge related to using TeamDynamix waterfall based project schedules

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How to Associate Issues to Waterfall Project Plan Tasks

This article describes methods of associating issues and tasks within a project.

How to calculate remaining hours, percent complete, and EAC for tasks and plans?

This article provides an overview on how percent complete, remaining hours, and estimated at completion (EAC) are specified and/or calculated for tasks and plans.

Meaning of task dependency relationships and when tasks with these relationships are considered delayed

This article will explain the different relationships project plan tasks can have with those tasks they depend on as predecessors. It will also describe when tasks with these relationships will be marked as delayed.

Plan Manager: Refreshing Data

An overview of how Plan Manger works, why data can become stale, and the strategies implemented by Plan Manager to help keep data as up to date as possible.

What is preserved when editing and applying project plans?

Some helpful things to keep in mind when making changes to project plans, adding plans to projects/other projects, and applying project template plans.