Content about the Projects/Workspaces application in both TDNext and the Client Portal.

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For articles relating to project briefcases, briefcase files and/or briefcase folders.


The Announcements module serves as a broadcast tool for the user. The user can broadcast a message to all members of a project, add attachments to the announcements, and search the announcements' content.

Creating and Working With Project Plans and Cardwalls

The TeamDynamix Plans module gives users the ability to easily create, update and distribute project plans and cardwall to project members. All project members have centralized access to project plans to make updates and monitor status in real time.


The Links module serves as a repository for references to valuable web sites. Project participants can provide not only a link to these web sites, but also, background information and comments to for other project members.

Project Manager Contact Information

Projects can keep accurate, centralized and updated project contact lists in the Contacts application

Tracking, Managing, and Resolving Issues

The Issues module allows users to accurately, track, manage, resolve and report issue activity.

Project Resources

For questions around adding/removing/modifying project resources.


For project items related to scheduling.

File Cabinet

For questions relating to the File Cabinet application (which is an archival system for project briefcase files).

Project and Project Request Risks Register

Track and manage all risks associated with project requests and projects

Articles (45)

Changing Custom Field Names on Project Schedules

Change the name of custom field names on project schedules

Project Attributes

Describes how to add project attributes and the permissions involved.

Project Settings/Sections

This article elucidates the settings that can be dictated on specific project.

What Is a Project?

An overview and summary of projects in TeamDynamix.

What is the Purpose of the "Processes" Section Within a Project Request?

A brief overview of the role of processes within the Portfolio Planning application.