For questions about reporting in TeamDynamix.

Categories (7)

Capacity Reporting

For reporting questions related to capacity data.

Custom Reports (Report builder)

The TeamDynamix report builder allows for the simply creation of custom reports that can be viewed within the tool or delivered to outside portals and email addresses.

Example Reports

In this category, you'll find examples of ITSM reports that you may want to build for your team.

Articles (6)

Creating and Managing Report Folders

This article describes how to set up Report Folders and use them to manage your organization's custom reports.

Downloading and installing the TD Excel Reporting Add-in

Instructions for downloading and installing the Excel Reporting Add-in

How to Use Not One Of and Not A Member Of Filter

This article details how Not int/Not Member filters are expected to behave when Advanced Filtering is present vs when they are not present.

Reporting with Metrics/KPI in Ticket Reports

This article explains the use of Metrics/KPIs when building custom Ticket or Project reports.