This category details how to configure client portal pages and style your portal content in a way that TeamDynamix supports.

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Pinned Article Client Portal Examples

This concepts article will help TeamDynamix Administrators to plan and brainstorm for the look and feel of their Client Portal application.

Bootstrap CSS/JavaScript Framework

This concepts article will help TeamDynamix Administrators use Bootstrap in Client Portal desktop modules using TDClient.

Client Portal Pages and Modules

This document outlines the ways in which the Client Portal can be configured to have custom content and styling.

Client Portal Styles Guide

This article will help Client Portal designers to understand the Client Portal Styles menu option within the TDAdmin.

Client Portals, Accessibility, and Responsive Web Design [Video]

This video will help administrators and managers who are looking to build or update a client portal.

How to Remove the Underline from Hyperlinks in Custom Content

This article outlines how the hyperlink underline styling is applied and what you can do to remove it within your custom content. As of version TeamDynamix 10.0, hyperlinks in the Client Portal are now underlined to make it clear to people who suffer from colorblindness that a link is present.

HTML Content Allowlists

This introduction article will help to TeamDynamix Administrators, Service Catalog managers, and Knowledge Base managers to build HTML content using the TDClient interface.

Working with HTML Modules

This how-to article will help Administrators to create and modify custom HTML Modules using the TDAdmin interface.

Working with RSS Modules

This how-to article will help administrators to understand how to create and manage RSS Feeds in TDAdmin.