TeamDynamix Readiness Course

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Baseline knowledge about TeamDynamix

The essential building blocks of TDX

Setting up the customer-facing site for submitting requests, browsing the knowledge base, and communicating relevant information to customers

How to create and manage KB articles, KB categories, and KB article drafts inside TDX

SAML authentication setup, bulk user management options, and email integration

How to build a Service Catalog within TDX

The essential configuration of ticket management

More advanced ticketing functionality such as workflows, etc

Content on how to create and manage an Asset application in TeamDynamix.

Managing active projects, including "top-line" project management plus project plans, issues, links, the briefcase, and other components

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Pinned Article TDX Readiness Course Syllabus

A description of each module in the TeamDynamix Readiness Course

Accessing TDX Community, the TDX Client Portal, and Implementation Projects

TeamDynamix Community is TeamDynamix's web site for support and documentation. The Client Portal will let you see the project record that Professional Services uses to track your implementation. This can be used to instruct clients on how to be added to their implementation project.

How to Access a Client Portal Application as an Application Administrator

This is a step by step instruction to access the Admin interface of a client portal application from the client portal.

How to Access a Ticketing Application as an Application Administrator

This is a step by step instruction to access the Admin view of a ticketing application in the TDNext interface.

How to Access an Asset Application as an Application Administrator

This how-to article will help administrators of an asset application gain access to TDAdmin when they are not administrators of the entire environment.