Using TeamDynamix

Applications, capabilities, and reports available within the user areas of TeamDynamix (TDNext and the Client Portal).

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For articles and questions related to desktops and dashboards.


For articles pertaining to using TeamDynamix alongside assistive technologies.


Articles and content about using the Analysis application.

API / Web Services

Help pertaining to TeamDynamix REST API

The general help for our RESTful APIs services is located at https://yourTeamDynamixDomain/TDWebApi/


For articles and questions related to the Asset Management application.


The briefcase document storage system allows projects to keep a secure repository of all project documents. Users can upload into, download out of, and view documents in the briefcase. TeamDynamix has also added check in and check out, workflow and search functionality to prevent versioning issues and to capture document revisions.


The calendar application allows each project to keep a project calendar. Users can create personal appointments and project meetings. Users can also view other project member's schedules to arrange group meetings. In addition, the user can view tasks by due date and issues by due date on the calendar, making it the one place that the project manager can get a holistic view of project activity.

There are two calendar access points. The first is from the Applications menu. The second is found beneath each project folder (specific to the project) in the Projects application.

Client Portal (TDClient)

For questions related to setting up and managing the TeamDynamix client portal.

File Cabinet

The File Cabinet application allows users to post and access files cataloged in a File database. Users with access to the File Cabinet application may then search this database for files posted as company knowledge. This application also gives users a profile of user activity in the File Cabinet.

Other Applications

Using TeamDynamix with other applications such as Microsoft Outlook.


Content about the Finance application in TDNext.

Knowledge Base

Information about the Knowledge Base section of the Client Portal.

My Work

For questions about the My Work application.


Content regarding the People application within TDNext.

Portfolio Planning

For articles related to project requests, the request process and/or reviewing project requests from Portfolio Planning.

Projects / Workspaces

Content about the Projects/Workspaces application in both TDNext and the Client Portal.

Project Templates

Organizations with standard project processes or methodologies can build them into project templates. This allows templates to be easily applied to projects as they are created. By creating a project from a template, the project will automatically have the infrastructure dictated by the template, including the template's document management structure, template documents, project plans, issue tracking process, links and contacts.


For questions about reporting in TeamDynamix.

Resource Management

For articles and questions related to the Resource Management application.


Information about using the Question application in the Client Portal.

Ticketing Applications

For articles related to the service desk, including ticketing, the knowledge base, the service catalog, asset management, and configuration management.

Time & Expenses

For questions relating to Time and Expense entry.

Articles (2)

Attachments in TeamDynamix

This document outlines the usage of attachments in TeamDynamix.

Missing Icons When Using IE 11

What causes missing icons in IE 11 and how to fix the problem.