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Entering And Managing Ticket Requests

Many companies require that new tickets go through a ticket request system. By using a ticket request system, users cannot assign tickets to another user. When a ticket request is created, it will show up in the "Awaiting My Review" section of the Tickets module of the user's manager. The manager can then edit the ticket request as necessary and assign it to someone. See the "Tracking, Managing, And Resolving Tickets" section of this Help document for information on editing and assigning tickets.

Ticket Workflows

Ticket workflows let you define a process that can include approvals, web service calls, task assignments, or other steps.

Articles (54)

Accounting for Ticket Assignments in Resource Allocation

This article covers how managers can account for time allocated to tickets assigned to resources.

Changing the Classification of a Ticket

This will provide the exact steps necessary to change a ticket's classification.

Differences between Incident, Major Incident, Problem, Change, Release, and Service Request

This article outlines the different ITIL classifications of items, provides sample use cases, and describes how these different classifications manifest themselves within TeamDynamix.

Entering an incident from the People application in TeamDynamix

This article will focus on the technician's ability to view current and past ticketing history for the requester as well as submitting a new request on their behalf.

How can a Technician enter an incident from the Assets application in TeamDynamix?

This article outlines the process of creating tickets via the Asset application.

How can a Technician enter an incident from the Service Catalog in TeamDynamix?

How can a Technician enter an incident from the Service Catalog in TeamDynamix?

How do I delete a ticket?

This article outlines the permissions needed and the process for deleting a ticket.

How to Add Contacts/People to Tickets

This article provides step by step instructions on adding Contacts/People to a ticket.

How to Import Tickets

How to import tickets in TeamDynamix.

Managing Locations and Location Rooms

Describes where and how you can maintain your Locations and their Rooms in TDNext.

Scheduled Tickets

This outlines the purpose of Scheduled Tickets as well as how to perform some common actions around these items.

Searching Tickets

How to search ticketing within the TeamDynamix ticketing application.

Survey Usage in TeamDynamix

This document outlines common use cases for Surveys in TeamDynamix, as well as related permissions and configuration instructions.

Ticket Overview

This document outlines the purpose of tickets in the TeamDynamix ITSM system.

What are the different ways a Technician can enter an incident

There are multiple ways a technician can submit a ticket (incident, problem, or change request) on behalf of a requester. The following methods are for scenarios where a technician is fielding a phone call or walk up and must document the incident in TeamDynamix.

What fields are available on a requestor's profile and who can view them?

This article outlines what fields can be specified on a person (requestor) profile and who can view those fields.

What is the difference between being primarily responsible for a ticket vs. responsible for a ticket?

This article explains the differences between a ticket's primary responsibility, responsibility, and current responsibility.

When editing tickets, which fields are reported as edited in the feed?

This document outlines which ticketing form fields will show the value changes in the feed, as well as those which do not.

When will a ticket automatically convert to a service request?

There are a handful of scenarios in TeamDynamix which will automatically convert an incoming ticket to a service request. This article will cover each scenario. If you are having trouble getting your tickets to auto-convert to service requests, check that they fit the criteria below.

Why do ticket fields revert to the values set at creation when I edit and save a ticket?

This article helps to explain what causes fields in a ticket to change, seemingly on their own, back to the value originally set on the creation form for the ticket.