Automating Ticket Type Based on Form Question

Is it possible to have a ticket type based on the answer a user gives on a question on our form? We have a new form that has a question to identify what the client needs and each of the answers results in the ticket being classified as a different type.

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  • I need A. (Assigned to Alice, will be ticket Type A)
  • I need B. (Assigned to Bill, will be ticket Type B)

I have set up automation rules to assign the ticket to the correct person or group, but I haven't figured out a way to change the ticket type based on the answer to the question. Is this possible? Or does this have to be done manually by the ticketing user once the ticket is assigned to them?

Asked by Jodie Reminder on Mon 8/3/20 9:47 AM
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Mark SayersMon 8/3/20 9:54 AM

Hello Jodie,

There isn't anything that can currently make the ticket Type change automatically based on a selection on a form. Ticket Types are selected based on either the Service in the client portal that they come in from or the form that is used to create the ticket.

Someone would have to manually change the Type after the ticket was created.

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