Workflow Condition Step - I don't see the Requestor's Manager or the Approver Role(s)

Hello, I am trying to check if the Requestor's Manager equals to a name on a custom attribute.  For an Approval step, I can choose the Requestor's Manager for Approver Role(s). However, this is not available as a column for a Condition step.  Is there a way to validate data fo the Requestor's Manager?    

Asked by Edith Murillo on Fri 7/31/20 4:38 PM
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Mark SayersFri 7/31/20 4:57 PM

Sorry I think I mispoke regarding Conditions because they cannot currently be assigned to anyone. They are strictly a step for the system to be able to determine what should happen based on the value of one of those potential fields that you can select.

You *definitely* should be able to select your custom person attribute as a filter option on that Condition step. Look for it in the section of "Custom Attributes", and it'll be listed by the "Header text" value of the field as it has been configured in Admin. You may need to pull up that attribute in the Admin area of the ticketing application first to see what it has listed as its Header Text value.

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Edith MurilloFri 7/31/20 4:51 PM

Hi Mark, I don't see Role. 


It's not under Budget Information, Requestor, Responsibility, Custom Attributes, Requestor's Attributes, or Location.  I don't see where I can assign the Condition to a Role. 

Thanks in advance for your help. 

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