Workflow Notifications Not Showing Feed

Why are workflow notifications not shown in the Feed of the ticket?  I would like to see evidence that the notification was sent and who it was sent to.

Asked by Thomas Stockwell on Thu 7/30/20 8:40 AM
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Answers (2)

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Thomas StockwellThu 7/30/20 11:47 AM

I've attached the "Edit" option for the Notification in my workflow.  I do not see the contents of the email listed in the feed after that step has been completed.

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Mark SayersThu 7/30/20 11:36 AM

Hello Thomas,

Which notification is it that you are not seeing show up?
Is it a notification from an actual "Notification" type step in the workflow?

If no, please specify which type of step it was that produced a notification, but that notification did not log in the Feed?

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