How to bulk load 420 users to a group?

We have a person that needs to have 420 people have access to specific KBs thus they need to be in a specific group.  Is there a way to do this with a bulk load?  It would take a long time to add 420 people manually to a group.

Asked by Janet Moore on Wed 7/29/20 11:44 AM
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Mark SayersWed 7/29/20 12:23 PM

Hello Janet,

Do they all happen to be in the same Acct/Dept by any chance, or any have the same Primary Role given to them?

If yes, or if these persons could be given the same/known value for either of those fields in their user account in Admin, then you could go to the group's page, select to add new members and choose the magnifying lookup button, and filter the results by those fields in the lookup filter options for the page. Once they all were returned, just use the Select All box on each page to select everyone on each returned page until everyone is selected, then use the "Insert Checked" box to add them all into the group and save it.

Alternately, if you knew all of these users' UIDs, you could use this endpoint to add them all via API:


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