Filtering the survey email by groups

Is it possible to not have a ticket survey sent out if the ticket is assigned to a particular group? Essentially, there is one ticketing group (among many) and we would like it if the survey would not go out when they resolve a ticket.

Can this be handled under the Survey> [custom survey]>Ticket Request tab>Primary Group Responsibility?

Asked by Brian Hutzler on Tue 7/28/20 3:14 PM
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Mark SayersTue 7/28/20 4:08 PM

Hello Brian,
That "Primary Group Responsibility" field is an *inclusive* list of groups that you *do* want tickets assigned to said groups to generate the survey in question. You'd have to fill out the field in an *inclusive* fashion to be sure all appropriate groups are selected, and omit any group(s) who should not be eligible to have this survey go out.

As of yet, there is no way to simply *exclude* a group or two from a survey's ticket profile without doing it in the method described above.

Mark Sayers
TDX Application Support

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Brian HutzlerMon 8/3/20 11:30 AM

Thanks, Mark. This solution worked out for us.

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