Reporting: all tickets updated by a particular technician within a date range

Hi, folks.  I'm looking to do some analysis on the number of tickets updated/edited by a particular technician with a date range.  I've looked at modified, modified by, responded by and responded by date but these seem to only show the *last* modified and *last* responded by rather than all history.


Is what I'm trying to do possible?

Asked by Victoria Green on Mon 7/27/20 6:39 PM
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Mark SayersTue 7/28/20 10:13 AM

Hello Victoria,
Unfortunately what you are looking for is not possible, no. For data on modification we only have that "Modified" and "Last Modified" values that deal with updates on the ticket like what you are looking for, and they do not track "historical" updates that aren't the most recent update to have happened to a ticket.

I wish I had a better answer for you on this, but currently it isn't a capability of our reporting systems. I would encourage you to submit an enhancement at this service to ask for the reporting to be expanded to include this type of data:

Mark Sayers
TDX Application Support

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