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Is there a way to stop the resolution message from going out when a ticket is auto-closed from a workflow?

It's just an odd message and is confusing some people:

Your ticket (#14349050) has been updated by SAAS Production System Administrator Mon 7/27/20 9:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time with the following information:
Changed Status from "New" to "Closed".

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Asked by Jonathan Graves on Mon 7/27/20 10:08 AM Last edited Mon 7/27/20 10:29 AM
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Mark SayersMon 7/27/20 10:31 AM

Hello Jonathan,

That message goes out because the workflow is set to move the ticket to "Closed" when the workflow ends. It's an automatic message that goes out to the responsible and Requestor and unfortunately it cannot be changed other than if you are using the TeamDynamix connection to your Email Server (from TDAdmin) which lets you change the Display Name and From address of messages delivered from TDX.

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