Email Monitor Profile Could Not Be Activated

I'm trying to activate my email monitor for my ticket application but I keep on getting the following:

I am trying to use an email that is on our on-prem Exchange server and has IMAP enabled and am currently testing an O365 email. I have the Exchange email configured using Basic IMAP and the O365 email using MS OAuth2 (IMAP) for the Auth Accounts. Are there any settings in my Exchange server or in O365 I need to be aware of for TD to be able to use any of these emails as Auth Accounts for email monitoring? Would the TD User in the email monitor affect the activation? We do use SSO to authenticate into our TD environment, but the account I created in TD is not in our identity provider.

Thanks in advance!

Asked by Dan Olivas on Fri 7/24/20 9:01 AM Last edited Fri 7/24/20 9:03 AM
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Mark SayersFri 7/24/20 12:03 PM

Hello Dan,

That message is indicating that the user account you entered into that monitor's Auth account may not be entirely valid. Verify their credentials are correct and up to date in TDX and attempt it once more.

Also, if it is a physical server on premise, make sure the email server is allowing access to it from our TDX IP addresses. I can provide the list of those if they are needed. Even a hosted server may still need to have our traffic permitted to it, so it's worth verifying.


Mark Sayers

TDX Application Support

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