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Hi when setting up a personal workspace, there was an option to select a project plan template, however it is not visible in my workspace.  Is it possible to add a project plan to a workspace? If not, what is the recommended approach for creating a personal project plan or card wall.  

Asked by Kathleen Flaherty on Thu 7/23/20 1:22 PM
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Mark SayersThu 7/23/20 1:36 PM

Hello Kathleen,

Workspaces cannot hold plans currently, no, but they can have Issues, Risks, Contacts, Calendars, Feed, Briefcase, etc.

I'm not sure if I understand the question behind this, but if a person has access to do so in TDNext they could certainly create their own project that only they are a resource on and build things out in it, sure.

Mark Sayers
TDX Application Support

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