Workflow Conditions

Is it possible to build a workflow based on a condition?  If so, is there a way of manipulating the condition to look at what the string starts with?

Asked by Tyler Duncan on Tue 7/21/20 3:02 PM Last edited Tue 7/21/20 3:44 PM
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Tyler DuncanTue 7/21/20 4:46 PM

Would you happen to know if there are any functions that could be used within the conditions Advance Filter?

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Mark SayersTue 7/21/20 3:55 PM

Hello Tyler,

I think I would need some more info on what exactly the process would be here that you'd need to be checking?

In general, yes we *do* have Condition steps, but without knowing what you're trying to do with them it'd be hard beyond that to say that this fact is the answer to your questioning.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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Tyler DuncanTue 7/21/20 4:13 PMLast edited Tue 7/21/20 4:34 PM

Let say the condition where to check the email address that start with the Letter A, B or C.  How could this condition be built?

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