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I have a user that is not getting access to edit knowledge base articles. I have attached their ticketing app security role settings. Am I missing something? 

Asked by Alex Oquendo on Tue 7/21/20 2:03 PM
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Alex OquendoTue 8/4/20 5:37 AM

Hi Mark -

I confirmed this user is logging in with her proper account. Can we take a look at why this user is not getting the editing rights? I am free tomorrow between 9am,and 11am and Friday 9am - 2pm.

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Alex OquendoTue 7/21/20 4:03 PM

Attached are pics of the user in the Security Role and the settings in that security role. 

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Alex OquendoTue 7/21/20 2:58 PM

Sorry, I meant to attach that, not the ticketing app. 

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Mark SayersTue 7/21/20 2:18 PM

Hello Alex,

The ticketing application security role does not carry the permissions relating to KB interaction. Those are actually found in the Admin area of the Client Portal application in question.

So got to Admin > Applications > [click on your Client Portal app name here, be sure you're selecting the one that says "Client Portal" in the Type column of the page] > Users & Roles > Security Roles. Select the security role that these folks were given for that application. Make sure they have the permission to edit articles.

If you have any questions, send a screen shot of *that* security role's page and we can advise if the permissions that are active would allow the user to edit articles.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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